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StaffRight Omni

StaffRight Omni is a software platform that effectively meets the needs of complex staff scheduling in labour-intensive environments. Our end-to-end solution supports your complex workforce challenges with comprehensive and robust features configured to your unique workforce and business needs. StaffRight Omni simplifies time entry, accurately applies work rules to earnings calculations, and increases organizational efficiency through optimized work schedules and employee self-scheduling.

What can StaffRight Omni do for you?

  • Handle complex scheduling scenarios with a powerful rule-based system
  • Identify optimal staffing levels to meets your complex staffing requirements
  • Instantly generate ranked lists of qualified employees based on pre-determined attributes such as seniority and availability to fill unpredictable call-ins

How can StaffRight Omni enhance your business?

  • Spend less time scheduling and more time running your business
  • Manage targeted labour costs and reduce unplanned overtime costs
  • Satisfy compliance requirements by quickly filling call-ins with the right employees

StaffRight Omni includes two core modules that make workforce management a seamless part of your operations.


StaffPay is the bridge between StaffRight and your payroll system, and manages the first step in your payroll process. This module takes your employee time records from your core StaffRight program and performs pre-processing steps to ensure data integrity before running payroll. Simplify and speed up your payroll process from scheduling to paying employees with StaffPay.

What can StaffPay do for you?

  • Automatically calculate pay correctly for employees working in multiple concurrent positions
  • Eliminate the need for manual data reviews to generate premiums, overtime, shift differentials, statutory holiday pay and unit splits
  • Automatically adjust time bank balances such as overtime and vacation accounts
  • Flag suspicious or inaccurate records for payroll staff to review


StaffRefresh is the technical bridge between your external payroll or personnel system and StaffRight Omni. This module imports employee records, shifts and job changes into StaffRight Omni and interfaces with a multitude of different external human resources information systems. With StaffRefresh, you no longer have to manually transfer or update employee data into your records system.

What can StaffRefresh do for you?

  • Keep your StaffRight employee and job information in sync with your payroll or HRI system
  • Regularly import new and updated employee information based on a schedule you define
  • Flag inaccurate records for investigation
  • Increase data accuracy by having StaffRight double-check your data

LOKI Systems has developed a variety of optional modules that further enhance the capabilities of your workforce management solution and overall human resource management experience.

Optional Module: Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Employee Self-Service (ESS) is a web-based module that allows employees to easily view their StaffRight schedules and update their personal information. Save time with ESS by enabling employees to control their personal records while simultaneously improving morale and retention in your corporate culture.

What can ESS do for you?

  • Reduce the workload for schedulers and managers by giving employees the ability to update their own information
  • Allow employees to view personal demographic information, skills, certifications, and certification renewal dates all in one place
  • Give employees access to view and print their schedules for a defined time interval

Optional Module: Schedule Management

Schedule Management is a multi-functional application that manages and optimizes schedules for your entire organization and allows employees to create their own schedules from the available shifts in your system. Schedule Management empowers your employees and simplifies your entre schedule development process with the correct labour rules and agreements.

What can Schedule Management do for you?

  • Run optimization processes to identify ideal combinations of rotations and shifts required to meet your staffing targets
  • Automatically generate schedules based on shift and rule parameters for any grouping of employees within your company
  • Provide real-time rule checking and a visual representation of outstanding staffing needs

Optional Module: Time Track

Time Track is the technical interface between StaffRight Omni and your time capture device. Time Track is specifically designed to connect to a variety of devices and obtain accurate data for StaffRight Omni to process.

Time Track streamlines your entire time card approval process by eliminating paper records keeping. This in turn reduces payroll errors, saves time from manual data management, and improves overall system security in your time tracking system.

What can Time Track do for you?

  • Automate time and attendance tracking (with support for biometric scanners, magnetic swipe cards, and badge readers)
  • Compare scheduled hours to real-time time records to uncover and flag discrepancies
  • Modify shift start and end times automatically based on when employees clocks in

Summary of Benefits of StaffRight Omni

Human Resources

  • Empower employees by giving them tools to do scheduling more efficiently and calculate payroll deductions faster
  • Improve employee satisfaction by simplifying complex scheduling processes through a centralized data system


  • Maintain productivity in each department regardless of staffing challenges that arise on a regular basis
  • Improve management oversight with secure organization-wide visibility into employee activity


  • Reduce the amount of time and resources spent on scheduling tasks and process simplification
  • Reduce payroll errors to ensure precise insight into the costs associated with your employees


StaffLight turns your scheduling activities into time records that can easily be sent and processed by your payroll system. This unique version of StaffRight is designed specifically for smaller organizations that do not have complex business or union rules to model. StaffLight maintains electronic time and attendance records using a quick data entry process and automates shift adjustments to required activities in real-time. StaffLight can reduce payroll timekeeping efforts by 90% while maintaining accuracy to final payroll submissions.

What can StaffLight do for you?

  • Set up and modify scheduled activities for employee fulfillment
  • Display actual time for individual employees or entire units
  • Automatically recalculates the duration of affected activities when scheduled activities are modified
  • Empower employees with the ability to manage their own schedules and personal information (including vacation and leave requests)
  • Produce simple time record data files that can be efficiently processed by your payroll system

Summary of Benefits of StaffLIGHT

Human Resources

  • Increase employee satisfaction by empowering employees to manage their records and requests
  • Reduce employee complaints about inaccurate payroll with fewer manual errors made on time records
  • Improve departmental efficiency by automating time keeping and having important information available at your fingertips


  • Boost management oversight with the ability to easily view work information about all staff in a unit (including unassigned employees for the day)
  • Increase productivity by speeding up time entry processes


  • Increase the accuracy of labour cost reporting with improved time record accuracy
  • Improve the bottom line with cost savings by reducing the number of hours spent on managing time keeping

StaffRight Homecare

StaffRight Homecare is an appointment-driven scheduling system that lets you schedule your staff to specific client times and needs. StaffRight Homecare makes it easy to define your client support requirements and schedule the appropriate staff to meet those requirements.

StaffRight Homecare allows you to modernize staff and client scheduling by replacing paper-based scheduling methods with electronic records. With the support of StaffRight, StaffRight Homecare also maintains compliance with labour requirements and provides optimized call lists for absences and vacations.

What can StaffRight Homecare do for you?

  • Track a vast amount of client data including demographic information, medical background, prescribed medications and dosages, physical and psychological profiles, appointment requests and more
  • Match client needs with staff skills to ensure that only qualified and compatible staff are assigned to each client
  • Record staff work activities and schedules in a variety of formats
  • Generate billing reports and export billing data to your external billing system


Human Resources

  • Improve department productivity with the ability to export data to payroll and generate reports in seconds
  • Increase employee satisfaction by utilizing HCMS’ internal messaging system to communicate schedules to staff
  • Reduce grievances and settle disputes with an extensive record of effective dated employee data


  • Improve patient care by efficiently matching staff skills with client needs
  • Maintain consistentpatient care by replacing call-ins through ordered lists of eligible replacements
  • Increase compliance with complete records of all staff jobs, skills, and registration


  • Save labour dollars with time-saving automation and error reduction
  • Improve the bottom line with the ability to produce over 65 different reports to gain insight into revenues and costs generated by your people



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