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Loki Systems Inc. (hereafter called “Loki”) is committed to protecting the privacy of all personal information gathered or accessed by our company. Personal information is any information that can be used to identify, contact or distinguish an individual from others. By using the Loki website, you consent to the personal information practices described in this statement.

Loki protects the privacy and confidentiality of personal information in full compliance with legislation. In the event that Loki requests your personal information, it shall be used solely for the purpose(s) to which your consent is given and you may request to review your personal information at any time.

If you registered to receive information from Loki and no longer wish to do so, Loki will remove you from our mailing list at your request. Loki does not share mailing list information with others and uses “cookies” on the website only to track the number of visitors to the site.

Loki uses industry standard techniques such as firewalls, encryption, intruder detection and site monitoring for Loki data security. Loki data is stored in a secure physical environment and Loki employees are required to sign a confidentiality agreement to further ensure the protection of personal information that may be compiled or accessed by Loki.

In keeping with legislative requirements, Loki has appointed a Privacy Officer to answer any questions regarding privacy and personal information practices. Our Privacy Officer may be contacted at

Loki reserves the right to update or revise this policy from time to time, and all updates will be posted on the website.

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