StaffRight AX

StaffRight AX is a dynamic and interactive tool for managers and employees designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations. It is a web-based version of our StaffRight time and attendance solution that integrates perfectly with HR AX and Advanced Payroll AX products.

StaffRight AX allows managers to:

  • Assign rotations within their work units
  • View work unit coverage and requirements
  • Manage and approve leave requests

StaffRight AX enables employees to:

  • Update their work time and submit for payroll
  • View entitlements under their contracts and agreements
  • Request leaves and vacation absences

What can StaffRight AX do for your business?

  • Allow employees to view schedules, time bank balances and request leave through a web browser
  • Edit rotations or shifts for individual employees or groups with simple drag-and-drop functionality
  • Export time records directly to payroll for processing

How can you leverage StaffRight AX for your business?

  • Improve employee satisfaction by giving them the freedom to access or update their schedule from anywhere
  • Save time with the ability to make scheduling changes quickly
  • Free up more of your managers’ time to focus on the operations of your departments

With StaffRight AX, organizations now have access to an ERP add-on solution that simplifies time and attendance entry and increases efficiency through employee self-service features.




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