Entertainment & Hospitality

Deploying, scheduling, and managing employees throughout the entertainment and hospitality sector is a very challenging task. There is a wide diversity of jobs, legal regulations, bargaining agreements and skills requirements to consider.  Your operation also needs 24/7 coverage, a large amount of man-power, and seamless organization to ensure every event runs error-free and effortlessly.  With workforce management solutions from LOKI Systems, you will be able to automate everything from time-consuming scheduling processes to payroll data preparation for greater profitability and service.

With LOKI Systems, you can:

Reduce Employee Turnover

Running a large operation in the entertainment and hospitality industry can require thousands of employees. With such a large group, it is constantly a large investment to find and train new employees when experienced workers leave. LOKI Systems empowers employees to become part of the success of your organization by accommodating individual preferences and availability.  Give your employees access to web-based self-service tools such as selecting from a pool of approved shifts, trading shifts with colleagues, and updating their availability with LOKI Systems’ StaffRight Omni software.

Improve Decision Making

Your company needs to be flexible enough to respond to global competition while providing great service to your customers at home. It is critical that you know how your organization is performing in real-time, with your most critical investment, your personnel. By providing instant access to information and the ability to create the right reports in seconds, your team has the insight to make the best decision for your business.

Comply Automatically with Labour and Gaming Regulations

With so many people employed to help run your organization, keeping track of each individual qualifications and availability can be time-consuming and cumbersome. Using a flexible system configured to your workforce requirements, you can simplify compliance by building rules and alerts into your scheduling process. You can also simplify your workforce management by keeping track of qualifications and certifications for each employee and match them with gaps in your schedule. Solutions like this will ensure that you are constantly complying with the necessary regulations and have the right people in the right place at the right time.




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