Benefits and Support

LOKI Systems is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Independent Software Vendor for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations. We deliver world class solutions built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations platform that are designed to simplify workforce management including scheduling, time and attendance, and payroll processes.

Channel Partners have been an integral part of our success at LOKI Systems. With our strong commitment to partners, we offer a range of benefits and services to ensure long-term success for our partners and their clients. LOKI Systems also relies on Channel Partners to service customers in key business areas and strategic geographic locations. Depending on expertise, our partners provide sales, services and/or support locally while LOKI Systems compliments our partners by providing software training and support globally.

Partner Support Services

As developers of two leading workforce management solutions, Advanced Payroll AX for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and StaffRight Omni, LOKI Systems offers partners a comprehensive range of services to support applications:

Pre-Sales Support

LOKI can help increasing your ERP sales by providing:

  • Advanced Payroll AX or StaffRight product demonstrations to qualified prospects (via GoTo Meeting)
  • Proposal response assistance for StaffRight, Advanced Payroll AX or HR AX portions of customer RFPs
  • Collateral such as marketing information, white papers and data sheets to support new and existing client engagements

Training Services

LOKI Systems provides a variety of training services to ensure our Business Partners and clients feel confident and comfortable with StaffRight and Advanced Payroll AX for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations. We are flexible with training locations, and all course developers and instructors are active members of the team behind our entire product suite.

We provide the complete training you need to become a specialist on:

  • How to Demonstrate Advanced Payroll AX for Microsoft Dynamics 365 – WEBINAR TRAINING
  • Implementation Training – CLASSROOM AND HANDS-ON TRAINING
  • Train-The-Trainer and Super-User Programs – WEBINAR or IN-HOUSE TRAINING
  • End-User Training – WEBINAR or IN-HOUSE TRAINING

Implementation Services

LOKI Systems implementation services are provided with the goal of developing the highest level of Human Resource Management experience and expertise within all of our Microsoft Business Partner organizations.

Built around the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology, LOKI Systems provides implementation services that are based on industry best practices. Implementation is further supported by a standard set of tools and templates that ensure your customers’ projects are completed efficiently and with a high level of customer satisfaction.

We have also launched a QuickStart Implementation Kit that provides clients with preconfigured payroll data to speed configuration and testing. Regardless of the unique needs of your clients and users, LOKI Systems solutions are designed to be the smart solution for all of their workforce management needs.

Training programs are scheduled and offered by LOKI Systems directly. Please contact us HERE for more information.

Should you have any specific client support needs, please login HERE for client support direct.




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